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ZENDAR company was founded in 1993 and it was specialized in building flats and their reconstruction and also in industrial installations. In 1997 we made the company ZENDAR consisting of highly specialized professionals. In 2002 we devoloped an innovative method of building salt caves which we have been using since then.

We always serve with our knowledge, advice and experience.

The main activity of ZENDAR company is salt caves building. We build them in the whole area of Europe including Poland, Bohemia, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany. We also build salt caves for the non-residential spaces owners, private houses, spa hotels and all who have free space minumum of 50 m2 or they are looking  for an interesting and profitable idea how to use it. So if you have a free room to use and you would like to deal with an interesting and profitable activity, our offer is there especially for you.

ZENDAR Group, we design and build Microclimatic Salt Caves / Salt Grottos.

  • Health

    Why do people like to use salt caves advantages? 1. Salt cave walles are covered by salt rock and salt water which contain microelements and minerals essential for human body functions, as iodine, kalium, sodium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, chlorid. The iodine concentration is many times higher than by the sea thanks to salt character and corresponding equipment placed in a salt…

  • Aesthetic

    ZENDAR company stresses the appearance and decoration of made salt caves. Our designers can “conjure up” original atmosphere and mood and the place is special, almost fabulous where we would like to return. Before starting design and building work we state the goal to make the space the way people who will spend time there in the future can…

  • Construction

    Salt caves walls are covered by salt stones from Pakistanian salt mine with weight of 10-12 tons. The ceiling is from plasterboard, covered by salt and formed in the stalactite shape. The floor is covered by different types of halit and salt water. Lennox airconditioning and Dospel ventilationg system is fixed inside a cave. This equipment provides suitable humidity,…


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